Click – Why ‘Rolling on my bleeding heart?’

Johanna Leech’s ARCH Artist Residency blog in Washington DC

The core of my practice explores contemporary drawing themes centred around the aesthetics of kitsch.  The drawings combine influences from travel, social situations, iconography, myths, legends and museum categorisation. I collect stories, histories, grandmother’s tales, bedtime stories, hearsay and sagas.  I gather images, objects, photographs, books, icons, scribbles, and objects from the street.  I create constructions, installations, photomontages, theatrical events and drawings.

Contact: johannaleech@gmail.com

Exhibiting in Lumen8 on 14th April 2012:



Visual artists, Johanna Leech, Sinead Breathnach-Cashel and Lesley Cherry were selected by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Golden Thread Gallery to take part in the nine week long ARCH Artist in Residency Programme. Each participant will work alongside the prestigious Honfleur Gallery and the Gallery at Vivid Solutions and will be challenged to overcome diverse community interaction and cultural differences to create new work inspired by their own experiences and the locations they have encountered en route.
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ARCH website:


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